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Ladytron, Destroy everything you touch today, Witching Hour, 2005 Destroy everything you touch today Destroy me this way Anything that may desert you So it cannot hurt you You only have to look behind you At who’s undermined you Destroy everything you touch today Destroy me this way Everything you touch you don’t feel Do […]

Videos from Brahma Kumaris Global Co-operation House, London

Listen online meditation commentaries – BK Jayanti 1. I, the soul listen first and seek to understand, what can I use of it. Time: 1:32 2. I enter the presence of the One, Incorporeal, Almighty, Supreme and Beloved Time: 3:22 3. Progressive meditation Time: 15:12 4. Experience of meditation, God’s love Time: 7:40 5. Why […]

Date: 22.01.2017, Brahma Kumaris Retreat Venue, Cambridge UK Speaker: Prashant Kakodaya Description: “If you run after your shadow, your shadow runs away. If you walk towards the sun, your shadow follows you” Rumi. When there is no desperation for results, no asking of any kind and when we follow the highest principles of matter, success […]

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    Always the sun, The Stranglers, 1986     I am not evils slave, BK song     Om shanti song by Denzal Sinclaire     BK traffic control song, Shanti ki shakti hai